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BestNotes Features

BestNotes’ collaborative tool features are designed to inform and enhance communication for individual users and departments. It is recommended that you follow directed implementation strategies.

-Autopopulate known client data and eliminate double data entry across documents.

Ready to use clinical documentation that takes into account Joint Commission, CARF and common National/State/County standards that’s automatically updated for you.   

-Customize documentation for no extra fee (we’ll even help you).  

-Autonotes that feature customizable point and click documentation 

-Print any document with your business logo auto-populated.  

-Documentation includes: 

Intake Assessment
Nursing Assessment
History/Physical Assessment
BioPsychoSocial Assessment
Psychiatric Evaluation
Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment
Master Treatment Plan
Treatment Plan Review
Discharge Summary
Medication Management
Group Notes
Progress Notes (Clinical, DAP, Medication and SOAP options)
Case Management
Utilization Review

-Track phone calls, emails and continuing communication 

-Set reminders for follow-up

-Track referral sources – both incoming and outgoing. 

-Automatically notify staff of new leads or new clients.

-Rich reporting that includes conversion rates, top referrals and more!  

-Salesforce Integration 

-Available on the BestNotes mobile app for Android/Apple.

-Individual, Staff or Room Calendar views

-Customize appointment types that includes all billing and necessary documents for service delivery. 

-Create customizable Calendar groups for scheduling ease

-Quickly adjust Time Zone for out-of-state inquiries

-Easily set recurring appointments 

-Integrates with popular calendars such as Outlook, Apple or Google.  

-Track No Shows, Cancellations and Attendance.  

-Send appointment reminders via Text Message 

-Many reports available (10+) to quickly audit activity and forecast future appointments 

-Available on BestNotes mobile app for Android/Apple.

-Customizable patient ledger to track ongoing charges and payments.

-Create invoices and superbills

-If you outsource billing to a 3rd-party, BestNotes will give them free access to your account. 

-Easily build HCFA-1500 or UB-04 claim forms that eliminate double data entry.

-Submit claims to payers with low-cost partners like EZ claim, ClaimMD, Office Ally or Avea Solutions.

-Individual or Group Therapy with up to 50 participants

-Patient access on any device with a web browser and internet connection

-End-to-end encryption

-Ability to share screen

-High definition audio and video

-Easily send meeting links to client(s) with a single click

-Include meeting details in appointment reminders

-Internet strength notifications to quickly identify connection issues

-Electronically send/received nationally recognized questionnaires.  

-Clients can complete questionnaires via computer, tablet, smartphone or paper.  

-Easily recognize client’s trend overtime. 

-Smart automation so every new client receives a customizable set of questionnaires.

-Individual and organizational reporting that easily exports to Excel. 

-Visit OutcomeTools for more information and to schedule a demo. 

-Secure and HIPAA compliant portal that’s connected to your website.  

-Offer multiple customized applications for admissions. 

-All applications automatically populate in BestNotes and eliminates data entry. 

-Securely share documentation with your client and capture signature remotely.  

-Include family members or referral sources to a client’s portal with proper consent.

-Link secure online client intake application to your website

-Customize application that auto-populates into intake and clinical documentation. 

-Capture insurance information prior to admission. 

-Admission criteria checklists. 

-Automatically notify other staff members of new admission

-Capture staff signature for admission approval

-Track all medications and indications that pre-populate throughout your documentation.

-Add ePrescribing and eliminate double data entry and save time.   

-Track changes to active medications and see a historical record of past medications

-Track external or over-the-counter medications

-This feature does cost extra through our partner DrFirst.  

-Prescribe controlled substances

-Free nursing staff accounts to prep medications for Dr.’s signature 

-All prescription are sent to the pharmacy of your choice. 

-Warnings for prescriptions that negatively impact current meds

-Conveniently group clients together for a customizable med-pass time. 

-Prep medications and track inventory

-Track when a medication is taken or refused and capture employee and client signature

-Out-of-the-box reporting for easy quality assurance.

-Keep sensitive conversations with staff secure and HIPAA compliant within BestNotes.

-Communicate with staff and make a note on the client’s record at the same time. 

-Alert users of new, secure message via email

-Easily see who has read a message and who has not.

-Build custom reports

-60+ out-of-the-box for these feature and regular business activity

-Export reports to Excel

-Unique, custom reports available upon request for a small fee.

-Securely store employee files

-Capture signature for reviews, disciplinary action, notifications or benefits

-Receive customizable job applications through your website 

-Track ongoing education credits

-Track emergency contacts and other family members.

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